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Austin Billman
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
My pain shows in my art and on the off chance that I'm happy that shows too.
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Bashing my head against the wall,
Fearing the fall,
Trying to forget it all,
Tell me it'll be ok,
That's all I need,
No just go away I can't make up my mind,
I feel like I need you all the time,
Though you are my demise,
The reason for all my lies,
I need your touch,
But it's too much,
Sometimes I'd rather die,
Than look you in the eye,
Sometimes you are my light,
The reason I get up an fight,
This battle in my head will never end,
The feelings take over,
I'm sick of this emotional roller coaster,
The blood hits the floor,
I can't take it anymore,
You were my rise,
Now my fall,
I don't know if you ever cared at all,
Leaving me breathless,
My pain is endless.

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Fuck off and leave me be,
You have nothing for me nothing to offer me,
You're a worthless, lifeless, and broken person,
Where were you when I was growing up?
Looking for your next skank?
Chugging another beer?
Oh, wait you were just leaving your son here,
Now you act like you care,
You wanna make amends,
Everything should be fine now right,
Lemme forget the years of neglect,
All the questions I asked myself as a kid,
All the times I cried and hid,
You broke me,
Gave up on me,
Just to try to have the perfect family,
Sometimes I forget I even have a sister,
It's hard for me to even miss her,
I never even got to hold her,
Let alone get to know her,
You see me at my job and I hide,
I have no intent to see you,
You burned the bridge the moment you went away,
I have a life without you,
A mother who loves me,
An amazing brother,
All of this without you,
Life isn't hard if you try,
But you gave up,
Always told myself you were dead,
Made it much easier to forget,
I'll always be here,
I'll always remember the good times,
Though I will never forget the bad.
This is for all the kids who dealt with a neglectful parent who after quite a time decides to randomly come back and act like nothing happened.
SNEAK PEEK by Billm2n
This is a SNEAK peek of my new book "Bloodied Notes" halfway done even though it's taking forever there is a good reason. I'm trying to make sure all of the poems are impactful in some way and of high quality.
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I'm looking for help in the promotion of my new book and new computer. I really appreciate anyone who helps the only thing I can offer in return in poetry so if you donate let me know by commenting here or sending me a note with a subject. :)

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